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Team Royal Delft Museum

Frank Boode

Creative Architect


Suzanne Klüver

Projectmanager & Curator


Co van Nieuwenhuijzen

Manager Sales & Tours

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Didi van Dalen

Sales & Marketing Manager

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Saskia Wildschut

Marketing & Communications Manager a.i.


Jessica van Erkel

Product Manager & Conservator

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Lieske Wagenmaker

Arrangements & Events

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Monique Groffen

Coordinator Reception

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Hella de Jong

Content Marketeer

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The Royal Delft Museum is affiliated to the Royal Delft Group. The Royal Delft Group consists of Royal Delft and Royal Leerdam Crystal. The Royal Delft Group is located on the Rotterdamseweg 196 in Delft, The Netherlands. The Museum was established in 2021 and has an independent board. The Royal Delft Museum has the ANBI status, continue reading to find out more.

About the ANBI status

Stichting Royal Delft Museum




Contact details

Adress: Rotterdamseweg 196, 2628 AR Delft

Post box 11, 2600 AA Delft

Telephone: 015-7600800

E-mail: info@royaldelftmuseum.com

Take a look at our opening hours here.


The development of cultural activities for the museum about ceramics, such as presenting, documenting and promoting ceramics, mainly the production of Royal Delft and it’s history and artisan traditions.


Download the Royal Delft Museum’s standard publication obligation form here.


The board consists of at least five (5) natural persons and has to be composed so that at least these are represented:

  • one (1) Board member that is named by the Board upon nomination by N.V. Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles;
  • one (1) Board member thats is named by the Board upon nomation of Boron;
  • the other Board members are named by the Board.

The first Board members of Stichting Royal Delft Museum are:

Mr. Hendrik Schouten (treasurer)

CEO of the Royal Delft Group

First appointment: 11 april 2019

Mrs. drs. Gemke W.M. Jager (1954)

Art historian

Advisor in the museum and cultural sector

Appraiser Silver

Vm. director of the Dutch Silver Museum Schoonhoven

Member of the Board of Advisors of the Rembrandt Association

Secretary/treasurer of the H.E.K. Foundation Silver Histographer Schoonhoven

First appointment: January 21, 2021

Mr. Robert D. Aronson (1970)

Director Aronson Antiquairs Amsterdam, specialists in 17th and 18th century Delft pottery

Member of the Supervisory Board of the Jewish Cultural Quarter

Member of the Cultural Heritage subgroup, Art Market, European Commission

Specialist European pottery Between Art & Kitsch, AvroTros

First appointment: January 21, 2021

Mr. Fokke Martinus Slottje (1988)

First appointment: January 1st, 2024

Remuneration policy

The Board members do not receive any reimbursement for their work. The Museum has Statutes that prove its legal position and its not-for-profit character of the Museum.

The staff of the Royal Delft Museum will sign a secondment agreement with B.V. Delftsche Aardewerkfabriek “De Porceleyne Fles Anno 1653” voorheen Joost Thooft en Labouchere (“Royal Delft”). This entails that rewards for the staff are specified in the CAO Technische Groothandel and the house rules of the Royal Delft Group, which Royal Delft is part of.


The policy plan for 2020-2023 (Dutch): Royal Delft Museum Beleidsplan 2020-2023.

The main parts of the policy are:

Mission: Visitors are introduced to the cultural heritage that Delftware is through stories and experiences in Royal Delft Museum.

Vision: Royal Delft Museum wants to be the leading museum for Delftware in and outside the Netherlands: informative and inspiring for as many people as possible across any generations.


Annual report

Reports of the exerted activities and financial accountability will be represented in the annual report.

Take a look at the annual report of 2021 of Royal Delft Museum here.