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Now on display: Flowers in Blue

Through the lens of Bas Meeuws

17 April until 10 September 2023

Just as with the masters of the 17th-century flower still life, reality forms the basis for Meeuws, but he then bends it to his will. For the exhibition ‘Flowers in Blue’, Royal Delft commissioned Bas Meeuws to create new work and to place the Delft blue vases from the museum collection in a context where the vases belong, filled with beautiful baroque bouquets.

Bas gets his inspiration from paintings by painters such as Balthasar van der Ast and the Bosschaert family. This gives a unique end result in which 17th-century paintings are combined with the latest techniques.

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Bas Meeuws x Royal Delft

Delft Blue painting at the Porceleyne Fles

In addition to a visit to the factory museum of Delft Blue, there are various activities in which you can be creative with Delft Blue. During a workshop, you can paint a tile or a plate yourself, of course with guidance if needed.

We also organize children’s workshops during the school holidays. The children are entertained all afternoon and can get to work with clay and paint in the studio. Participate in the best activities and end the day with some ice cream. (Grand)parents can buy an entrance ticket and walk through the museum and the factory. Of course, they can also watch during the painting workshop.

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Flower arrangement workshop: arrange flowers like Bas Meeuws

Saturday June 17th 2023

Experience the exhibition ‘Bloemen in Blauw, through the lens of Bas Meeuws’ yourself with this flower arrangement workshop!

During this flower arranging workshop you will learn about flower arranging and become an expert just like Bas Meeuws. After this workshop, take your own flowerpiece home with you.

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Delfts Blauwe inloopworkshop 19 maart 2023

Delft Blue walk-in workshop

Sunday 2 July 2023

The well-known walk-in workshop day is on Sunday the 2nd of July! Start your painting workshop whenever you want, choose your own product to be painted (biscuit) and take the time to create your own Delft Blue artwork.


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Vermeer schilderworkshops

Vermeer workshops

Tile & the Vermeer Street ornament painting workshop

On the occasion of the celebration around Vermeer, the Royal Delft Museum has had special Vermeer ponsives developed by the master painters. In addition to the famous work Girl with a Pearl Earring, there is also the option for Het Straatje van Vemeer or View of Delft.

Exclusively during the Vermeer year, it is possible to paint the house Vermeer Street at the Royal Delft Museum. The iconic and famous view from Delft.

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Flowers in Blue

Through the lens of Bas Meeuws

At the latest temporary exhibition of the Royal Delft Museum, artist Bas Meeuws shows his unique works. Prepare yourself for beautiful Delft Blue vases combined with large flower arrangements.

A gift to see from April 17, 2023 until the 10th of September 2023.

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Children’s scavenger hunt

Available every day for free at the reception

A children’s scavenger hunt has been mapped out by the Royal Delft Museum especially for the very smallest. The quest goes through all the museum rooms and the factory. This allows you to simply follow the route and your (grand)child, niece or nephew will start looking hard!

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Painting workshops

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

At the royal delft museum, we had extra templates made by our master-painters on the occasion of the various activities and moments. When you book a painting workshop you can choose from for example templates with the following themes:

  • Vermeer
  • Year of the Rabbit

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Visit our renovated museum rooms!

The Porceleyne Fles – Royal Delft has been creating Delft Blue since 1653. During a visit you will discover the various crafts in the factory, the painter’s room, and in the museum. Read more.