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Now: Van Ruisdael tot Frytom

November 8, 2022 until March 15th, 2023

Never shown together before: works by the 17th-century Dutch landscape painters Van Ruisdael and Van Frytom on canvas and pottery. Van Frytom also painted on canvas, but could Van Ruisdael have done this on pottery as well? Is it 17th-century craftsmanship or art?

The composition of the exhibited pieces is unique and comes to Delft from (inter)national private collectors and museums for an exclusive period from 8 Nov 2022 to 15 March 2023.

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Van Ruisdael tot Frytom

Delft Blue painting at the Porceleyne Fles

In addition to a visit to the museum, there are various activities in which you can be creative with Delft Blue. During a workshop, you can paint a tile or a plate yourself, of course with guidance if needed.

We also organize children’s workshops during the school holidays. The children are entertained all afternoon and can get to work with clay and paint in the studio. Participate in the best activities and end the day with some ice cream. (Grand)parents can buy an entrance ticket and walk through the museum and the factory. Of course, they can also watch during the painting workshop.

Book a ticket for the guided tour with an audio-tour or create something beautiful during the painting workshop

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The Porceleyne Fles – Royal Delft has been creating Delft Blue since 1653. During a visit you will discover the various crafts in the factory, the painter’s room, and in the museum. Read more.