Suzanne Klüver and Frank Boode start at Royal Delft Museum

25 January 2024

Royal Delft Museum, the factory museum for Delft Blue pottery, appoints art historian Suzanne Klüver and creative architect Frank Boode to ensure the continuity of the museum after director Jolanda van den Berg unfortunately announced her departure on January 1th, 2024.


Strong team: art historian and creative architect

The board of the Royal Delft Museum Foundation is convinced that they have found a strong team with Suzanne and Frank. Suzanne worked for eight years as a curator of arts and crafts at Museum Prinsenhof Delft and carried out assignments for various museums and corporate collections. Frank Boode is a creative architect and gives shape and content to narrative environments from the worlds of art & culture, brands, theme parks and architecture. He is a speaker and guest lecturer at Reinwardt Academie, BUas and Inholland. He previously created the exhibitions From Ruisdael to Frytom and Schiffmacher Royal Blue Tattoo for Royal Delft Museum.


Multimedia factory museum

Suzanne and Frank complement each other through their versatile expertise and years of experience. On the one hand to accompany the current Picasso. Ceramic Magician exhibition and the upcoming exhibitions Turkey – Netherlands, Connected in blue and white with support from, among others, the Turkish embassy and Industrie aan de Schie in collaboration with the province of South Holland. On the other hand, when taking the next steps in the transformation into a multimedia factory museum where the age-old craft of Delft Blue lives on for current and future generations.



Suzanne Klüver | +31 (0)6 – 23 71 09 05

Frank Boode | + 31 (0)6 – 10 91 66 63


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