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Mysterious vase

In the museum there is a special vase in different painting techniques. This vase consists of horizontal ribs. The bottom four ridges are unglazed and not decorated, ocher yellow in colour. There are, however, eight times in relief, mysterious letters such as TM, RM, BM, EM.

In the green border is embossed 4x the years 1894. In the blue border 4x 24 July and 4x 1924. In the various blue decorated edges is the text: Through labor to the light, evil conquers. By deliberating together, deliberating and saying the right word, one always succeeds! Above the blue decorated ridges, a number of ridges are decorated in the Nieuw Delft technique (made in the period 1910-1936). Finally, at the top a decoration in the Pijnacker technique in the colors red, blue and gold. This technique was used by De Porceleyne Fles from 1902 to 2009.

It is therefore a special vase, but what do the text and dates actually mean? A collaboration between A. Le Comte (artistic advisor 1878-1915), Leon Senf (painter-designer of, among others, the Nieuw Delft collection and working from 1878 to 1930) Heinrich Mauser (technical management experimented with materials and especially glazes, working from 1892 to 1934)?

Museumstuk van de Maand: Mysterieuze vaas