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Jacob Wemmersz Hoppesteyn vaasje

Wemmersz Hoppesteyn

This small vase of 13 cm high and with a diameter of 7.5 centimeters dates from the year 1670. Made by hand in pottery bakery Het Moriaanshooft. The vase was painted by Jacobus Wemmersz Hoppesteyn, the son of Jacob Wemmersz Hoppesteyn.

The rich decoration on the vase is comparable to the dish by Wemmersz Hoppesteyn, which was shown at Tussen Kunst en Kitch. Both items show influences of Chinese porcelain decoration; detailed and refined lines with flowers and birds.


Pottery het Moriaanshooft

The eventful history of the pottery Het Moriaanshooft, located on the south side of Gasthuislaan, can be divided into three periods.

From its foundation until 1690 there was a bakery called Het Moriaanshooft. In 1690 the company was split into Het Old and Het Young Moriaanshooft and both companies functioned as two independent companies. This situation was maintained until 1772. In the last phase, from 1772 to 1792, both companies are united again into a company with one owner.